Recruitment Process

Starting your career with Communisis -  what to expect from the recruitment process

The act of applying for an getting a new job can be daunting, stressful and hard work.

Whilst our process will vary by role, we always aim to make things as simple, rewarding and painless as possible. The recruitment process is just as much your chance to get to know us and see whether Communisis as the right place for you, as it is for us to ensure you are the right person for Communisis.

Typically you will experience some of the steps below:

Conversation with our recruitment team

Dependant on how you come into consideration for the role, you’ll probably speak with one of our friendly recruitment team. This is a chance for us to tell you more about the role and get across more than an advertisement or job spec can, and for you to bring your CV to life. Hopefully after that, we’ll both be keen and will move forward. Meet that team here.

Come and meet us - A first face to face interview

The only way to really get to know us to come and meet us, see the office, maybe meet some of the rest of the team. We’ll use this time to really get to know you too and get under the skin of your skills, experience and attitude.

Psychometric Assessment

On some roles, we will use psychometric assessments to help us ensure either personality fit, or technical capability. We partner with CEB Global and use the SHL range of assessments. Typically we would use the OPQ personality profile, or Verbal and Numerical reasoning – but this will vary by role and our recruitment team will explain what to expect.

If you want to learn more, or have a go at some practice tests – have a go here.

You can read our Psychometric Policy here.


A final interview

If we think we need to, we’ll meet again to go over any final checks and balances. Again this is your chance to really be sure that Communisis is the right place for you – so ask us anything. If there is something you’d like to see or do before you feel able to make a decision, just ask! This stage might include meeting other senior people in the business or maybe even a presentation  - but again, your recruitment contact will walk you through everything you need to know, so you can be prepped!

Offers and Paperwork

Great news! We’d love you to join the team. The Recruitment team will partner up with HR to get the relevant paperwork out to you as soon as possible. Have a read, ask us questions, be sure it all makes sense to you. Between your new line manager and the HR team, we’ll take you through the new starter processes and begin prepping for the start of your career with Communsis.