Read my story - George Matsouris

George Matsouris - Team Leader, Greece

Meet George Matsouris, a Team Leader within Brand Deployment, based in Greece.

Read more about his time at Communisis.

Tell us about your career and time with Communisis

I've been with Communisis for 3 years as a Team Leader in Brand Deployment. During my time I have set up and managed operations across a cluster of 10 countries, and worked with 2 operational teams in 2 different countries (Greece and Romania). As the business and client list are growing the feeling of success is becoming bigger & bigger.


What first attracted you to join Communisis?

I love the challenge of managing bigger regions and different people in terms of culture, approach and skills.


What would you say your proudest moment at Communisis has been so far?

My proudest moments have been growing our revenue for a single client operation to multiple million Euros, and also being able to work with a range of clients.


In your eyes, what makes Communisis a great place to work?

How we treat people - we have a fantastic mentality of looking after our teams.


What does the future hold for you?

I am looking forward to the opportnity of personal growth and moving into a bigger role.

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