Psychometric Assessment Policy


The aim of this policy is to explain and define the use of psychometric assessments within the Communisis Group, to promote high standards of professionalism in using assessments and give guidance on good practice when considering using assessments in the recruitment, selection and development of Employees.


This policy will apply to Psychometric Testing which is used during the recruitment, selection and development processes of all permanent, temporary & fixed term Employees within the Communisis Group.  This policy does not apply to Employees who are employed by Recruitment Suppliers, although we would expect that robust principles of fairness, equality and high standards would still be applied by Suppliers to the Group, when utilising these type of assessments in their selection processes.

This policy also applies to prospective employees entering into our Recruitment process via our Recruitment partner / approved Recruitment agencies.

Policy Statement

In keeping with our Training & Development policy and Recruitment policy, the aim of development, recruitment and selection activity is to attract, retain and stretch Employees who will make a positive and valued contribution towards the work of the Communisis Group.  Decisions taken are in pursuance of this aim. 


Psychometric assessments are a way of assessing a person’s ability or personality in a measured and structured way. There are 2 main types of assessments:

Aptitude assessments: These are timed assessments, which have a definite right or wrong answer. They are generally designed to measure intellectual capacity for thinking and reasoning.

Personality questionnaires: These are used to determine how people are likely to behave under various conditions. There are no right or wrong answers, and generally no time limit for completing the assessment.

Psychometric assessment is a service provided to Line / Hiring Managers by Human Resources for the purpose of enhancing the quality and quantity of information available when recruiting, selecting and developing Employees.

Psychometric testing requires specific training in the administration and interpretation of the assessments.  Anyone thinking of using assessments should contact their local Human Resource representative in the first instance to discuss their needs.  The list of trained practitioners is available from the HR team.

Whether it is appropriate to use an assessment questionnaire and whether it will provide any additional information will depend on the suitability of assessments available, the relevance of the assessments test in relation to the role profile and the appropriateness of assessments in relation to other elements of the decision making process. 


All those who undertake a psychometric test will be entitled to be de-briefed and understand their results via appropriate feedback. The results will be interpreted and explained to both assessors and candidates by qualified and licensed personnel only.

Access to the results is limited to the psychometric assessor, the candidate and in respect of selection testing the interviewing panel. Such access will comply with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Feedback of assessment results is available to every candidate on request. Where face to face feedback session is not available, a summary and explanation of the test results can be provided in a written format by a trained HR representative.

An appropriately qualified representative from HR will normally conduct a face to face validation session with the candidate where personality assessments have been completed if requested.

No ‘raw scores’ will be given to any person without a full explanation. Results must be interpreted using a relevant norm group, which will be determined by the appropriate HR representative.

Results of psychometric assessments are only valid for recruitment and selection purposes for a limited time.  Candidates can be retested after 6 months if applicable.  Test results will usually be destroyed confidentially after 12 months.  All occupational and psychometric assessment results (including reports for feedback purposes) are held in secure conditions by the HR Department.

The results of psychometric assessments will be monitored to assess any correlation with attrition rates and performance rates.  Monitoring may also take place to enable understanding of any detrimental impact testing may have on any specific personal characteristic, in order to enable the business to eradicate any disadvantage.

Any queries or complaints about psychometric assessments should be referred to the HR Director.

General Principles

Communisis is committed to ensuring that the highest standards in the use of psychometric assessments are practiced and maintained to ensure that the benefits for both the organisation and the individual, are maximised and also in order to promote fairness and equality of opportunity.

To ensure those standards in practice are maintained there are a number of policy issues that will be strictly adhered to:

  • Psychometric test results will not in themselves form 100% of the basis of selection or development decisions, but will be used as a part of an over-arching process.

  • Any psychometric assessment used by the Communisis Group will be reviewed every 6 months for its validity, reliability and fairness, and that suitable comparison (norm) groups are available.  This will be done in partnership with the assessment provider.

  • A standard Assessment Matrix has been developed which outlines the most appropriate assessments, norm groups and norm levels.  This will be the starting point for all assessments, but can be tailored with advice from a trained practitioner.

  • Psychometric assessments will only be administered by staff that are specifically trained and hold the relevant qualification and license.

  • Before psychometric assessments are carried out, a review of the job and job description will be undertaken to ensure the relevancy of testing used.

  • All those who are asked to undertake psychometric assessments will be offered the opportunity to undertake practice questions in advance of completing the test.

  • All occupational and psychometric assessors within the HR Department have committed themselves to these standards and will work only in accordance with the guidelines set out in this policy and those laid down by the organisation whose assessments we use. Assessors will only work on assessments to the level of relevant qualification that they possess.

  • Under no circumstances should any assessment materials be photocopied or installed on computer without the test publisher’s express permission.

  • Assessments (either paper or online) will be administered to candidates under strict procedural guidelines.


Communisis should obtain the informed consent of the potential test taker making sure that they understand why the test will be used, what will be done with their results and who will be provided with access to them.

A Test Takers Guide including sample questions which the candidate can familiarise themselves with before the test should be sent prior to the assessment(s) by the Recruitment partner / approved Recruitment agencies.


Communisis is committed to being an equal opportunities employer which values its staff and others who come into contact with it, irrespective of gender, marital status, sexuality, race, ethnic or national origin, colour, gender reassignment, TU membership, political or religious belief, disability or age. (See Equal Opportunities Policy and our Equality Statement).  In all our selection procedures, we must ensure that there is no discrimination, either direct or indirect.

People taking psychometric assessments have a responsibility to themselves and the organisation.  Where there are factors that they feel may specifically affect their potential performance then they must advise the test administrator, for example, if the individual has a disability or their first language is not English, they should notify the administrator in advance so that appropriate provision can be made to ensure the fairness and objectivity of the test can be properly considered, including reasonable adjustments.


Assessment results will be stored securely by HR according to the data protection regulations. Access to confidential information will be restricted to those individuals who have been suitably trained and need to know the information.

Psychometric test materials will not be allowed to circulate freely and will be kept secure by the HR Department, at all times.


Communisis adheres to the standards defined by the British Psychological Society (BPS) Code of Good Practice for Psychological Testing.