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Audes Cremades - Account Director

Hear from Audes, Brand Deployment Account Director, on how she finds working at Communisis.

Read more about her time at Communisis.

Tell us about your career and time with Communisis

I’ve been working at Communisis for over 5 years now, first based in our Paris office and then moving to London.

I was originally recruited to join the newly deployed P&G account in France, as one of 2 project managers who were tasked with implementing the account. After a year I was promoted to the Team leader role where I managed a team of 5 people and focussed on growing the local account in collaboration with my peers in Europe.

With the expansion of our business, I then had the opportunity to engage on a central level, liaising with senior stakeholders and leading cross-markets projects. It was my first exposure to a proper international role and was a fantastic experience which helped me grow a lot.

When 4 years after joining Communisis I shared with my manager my wish to move to another account and to pursue in my career evolution, I was given the opportunity to join a new team as account director which was perfectly in line with my projected career path.

I am now responsible for the deliverables of my account, whether they are client-focussed, team-driven or financial, which is in perfect adequation with my aspirations at this point in my professional life.


What first attracted you to join Communisis?

I was attracted by the challenge of helping build a then-UK-focussed business in France and Europe.

My key question during the interview was about the mobility and opportunities in the company, and once I was assured that we were building a truly international business – as opposed to lots of local entities operating individually- with an embedded culture of talent management, I was sold.


What would you say your proudest moment at Communisis has been so far?

I think I am most proud of the first Quarterly Business Review (QBR) I did on my own in my new account. I then felt truly in charge, trusted by both my manager, my team and my client.


In your eyes, what makes Communisis a great place to work?

In Brand deployment, the accounts’ energy and the people’s enthusiasm are key to creating a great environment to work. Different accounts live side by side with the shared services, but there is truly the feeling of being one team. A combination of sharing, reapplying and close communication has helped drive best practices and provide cross-account support, which is invaluable.


What does the future hold for you?

Global domination… but failing that, transforming my account from middle- to heavy-weight and increasing my footprint in some of our newest markets eastward will do!

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