About Communisis

Communisis specialises in integrated marketing services that improve communications between brands and their customers.


We live in an increasingly digitally-enabled world - which means businesses and brands need to stay ahead of the curve. As an integrated business services company, we work with clients to increase value and boost return on investment through our top-end marketing and corporate customer communication strategies. We get you where you need to be - in front of the right people, at the right time, in a way which suits your brand.


To drive client value and sustainable profit improvement through the provision of increasingly digitally enabled solutions for regulated transactional communication and marketing execution. 


Our two divisions, Customer Experience and Brand Deployment, work with market leading brands across the globe.

Customer Experience makes Communisis the UK market leader for Multi-Channel Customer Communication. We design, create and deliver highly effective and integrated customer communications across all direct, digital and social channels.

Brand Deployment drives Communisis as an International leader in Marketing Execution Services for brands. We create, source, manage and deliver brand communications across all sectors, channels and geographies.

See more about what we do at www.communisis.com, or read more on this site about what careers are available for you.